North Yorkshire County Show
Rules And Regulations

1.     The Show shall be called ‘North Yorkshire County Agricultural Show’ (hereinafter called "The Show").

2.   The Show is a private company limited by guarantee, Company Number 8805879 and shall operate in accordance with the Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association.

3.   The Directors and Members shall be form the Show Committee (hereinafter called “The Committee”).  The Committee shall have the power to fill any vacancy and have the power to elect any sub-committee they deem necessary.  

4.   The Directors shall be elected from the members, on a rolling programme to be determined by the current Directors and Members, at the Annual General Meeting in December of each year.

5.   An Honorary President shall be elected annually at the Annual General Meeting of The Show to be held in December of each year and he/she shall assume office on the first day of January next following.

6.   All past Presidents shall enjoy for life, the privileges given to former   Presidents, at the annual show.

7.   The Directors and Members of The Show can nominate Life Members whenever circumstances so demand.

8.   The Committee shall manage the Show in its entirety and shall be responsible for altering any judging arrangements or event they may consider necessary.

9.   The Committee will not accept responsibility for any accident or accidental damage that may occur involving competitors, exhibitors or members of the public whilst entering or leaving the Show field or on the Show field itself.  It shall be considered a condition of entry that any competitor or exhibitor shall not hold the Show responsible in the event of any accident or accidental damage and that condition of entry shall be considered to indemnify the Show against any legal proceedings arising from such circumstance.

10. Completed and signed entry forms, together with entry fees, must be in the hands of the Secretaries on or before the date shown in the schedule (with the exception of sections where entries are to be made on the day of the Show as shown in the Schedule).

11. The Show will not be held responsible for any losses, mistakes or accidents that may occur in any entry and all entries are received subject to this condition.

12. The Committee reserve the right to reject any entries and to return the entry fees.  

13.  The Committee reserve the right to cancel any class in which there are no more than three entries.  The Committee will meet within one week of the date on which entries close and exhibitors in any class that is cancelled will be notified immediately after the meeting and have their entry fee refunded.

14. The Committee reserve the right to remove any objectionable or noisy competitor or attendants from the Show field.

15. The Committee may add to the number of prizes in any class if they consider that the entries warrant such addition and withhold prizes in any class where they consider the number of entries insufficient to warrant such a prize.  

16. All animals except horses, to be on the Show field before 10.00am on the day of the Show. Ordinarily, no animal is to leave the Show field before 4.00pm.

17. All Champions and first and second prize winners to parade in the ring.

18. Any dispute or protest related to any prize or result shall be made to the Secretaries, in writing, no later than 4 p.m. on the day of the show.  The matter will be referred to the Committee whose decision on the matter will be final and binding on all interested parties.

19. In the event of unfavourable weather or unforeseen circumstances beyond the control of the organisation, the Committee are empowered to postpone or cancel the Show and will not hold themselves responsible for any expenses which might be incurred by any competitors or exhibitors.

20. All exhibits to be the property of the exhibitor and are to have been in his or her ownership at least one month prior to the date of the Show.

21. No betting allowed in connection with any events.

22. Except where otherwise stated all trophies are perpetual, cannot be won outright and will be held until 31st May following the show at which they were won, unless recalled earlier by the show. The trophies must be returned in a sound and clean condition. Failure to return trophies will result in the Exhibitor concerned being refused entry to future shows run by the North Yorkshire County Agricultural Show.

23. The Committee will not be responsible for any charges incurred by exhibitors for conveyance or delivery of exhibits to and from the show.

24. The foregoing Rules shall only be altered or added to by an Annual General Meeting or a General Meeting of Members duly convened for such a purpose. These rules are in addition to the Articles of Association which are the overriding legal rules.

25.  By entering the North Yorkshire Country Agricultural Show the exhibitor is agreeing that his/her name and location will be entered into and published in the list of competitors (full address details will be held on a database).  The Show reserves the right to use this information for promotion, publicity and future mailings undertaken by or on behalf of The Show.  Personal details and addresses will not knowingly be passed to any third party not connected with The Show without written permission.


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